My name is George Metaxas and I am an Android Software Engineer. I have been working with Android since 2012, initially as a hobby and since mid-2014 professionally. I am currently employed at Bespot. I have been an enthusiastic, long time Linux user, with Gentoo Linux still being my distribution of choice (although lately I have also been trying out Arch Linux).

I have previously worked as a backend software engineer / devops engineer at OTE Group of companies between 2011 and 2014. Initially, I joined an internal team that was responsible for maintaining and extending one of the organisation’s sales capture platforms, written in Jython and Django. I was later transferred to a new internal team that was tasked with implementing a middleware layer between the company’s new web site and the backend systems. I familiarised myself with automating manual tasks, CIs (Hudson) and automated testing.

In mid-2014, I started working as an Android Software Engineer at (the now defunct) Globo PLC, as part of the company’s Android team. One of my main tasks was to integrate a native C++11 library that was implementing the Activesync protocol, into an updated version of the company’s flagship product. I also started fiddling around with Docker and helped in setting up the team CI through Jenkins.

In the beginning of 2016, I joined the mobile team at, as an Android software engineer. I was focused on maintaining and extending the Skroutz core application. I helped in setting up and extending the Android CI procedures (in Jenkins), complete with static analysis tools, UI testing (maintaining a local farm of Android devices using STF) and Play store deployments. Other major contributions involved:

  • laying down the foundations for writing UI and unit tests
  • implementing various business-related features
  • refactoring internal functionalities
  • serving as team lead for a period of around 18 months

In December 2020, I made a quick stop at Epignosis and joined its mobile team as an Android engineer. My primary tasks were centered in maintaining the TalentLMS. I also did some part-time consulting for Keeano, where I implemented a few features in their Android application. Since April 2021, I have been providing my Android experience at Bespot.